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Urgent – you have reached your Smart Cap

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Registered: ‎01-06-2017

Urgent – you have reached your Smart Cap

I've recently set up a sim-only deal for my grandson, for which I will be paying £8.00 pm.

I also thought I'd set a cap on his account, meaning that if he went to £10.00 spend in a month, the cap would apply, and I would spend no more than £10.00. This was a huge relief to know that I wouldn't be faced with huge bills.

Today, in conversation with a Plusnet agent, I discover that the cap is AN ADDITIONAL £10.00 PER MONTH! In other words, my grandson could (and probably would) give me a bill each month for £18.00!!

It seems that when I said I wanted a cap of £10.00 on the bill, it was interpreted as an additional payment of £10.00 pm.

I think I've now sorted it. The cap is £2.00 pm, so no more than £10.00 bills for me.

Just as well I found this out today, so be warned when setting a cap!

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Re: Urgent – you have reached your Smart Cap

Hi @Catnamedog

I'm sorry to hear the inconvenience this has caused you. When creating each account, the Smart Cap will be automatically set to £10 on top of your monthly line rental. This means if you ever incur any out of bundle charges, you'll have a limit of £10 before your chargeable services suspend. However, you can change this from anything between £2 - £30. 


We find the Smart Cap a really useful feature, as it allows you to be in control of your bills each month to avoid any high bills. You can learn more about this via our website

I'm glad to hear you've managed to sort this out now, so you'll never spend more than £2 on top of your £8 line rental. We'll always make you aware when you're 80% and 100% through your allowances. Smiley

If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll be happy to help. -Ashleigh