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Updating SIM number

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Updating SIM number

I switched to Plusnet Mobile with my partner at exactly the same time from the same previous network, gave Plusnet our respective PAC codes at the same time and switched SIMs at the same time.
We have the same model of phone, so when the network activation was complete my partners SIM number changed accordingly (In Android under Settings, About phone, Phone number), from the number Plusnet gave her to her personal number she took from our old network, however mine didn't change.
My number (under 'About Phone') still displays as the original number from Plusnet which is causing problems with certain apps. I have rebooted numerous times and it still doesn't change.
To my knowledge I don't have any problems with calls or texts but really would like it updated with my actual number.
I know this can be manually edited with a rooted Android or an old Nokia phone, however I no longer have access to either.

What triggers the number to update to correct number and can it be triggered again to update mine?



Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Updating SIM number

Hey there @kx58, thanks for reaching out to us here. 

I'm sorry to read you've had some trouble with the porting of your number across to us from your old network provider, and I apologise for the inconvenience caused. So I can look into this for you, please drop me a PM with the following information: 


- Your full name and confirmation you are the account holder

- Your full address with postcode

- Your Plusnet mobile number 

- Your date of birth

- The last two digits of your sort code and account number used to make payment


Give us a nudge on this post once done, and we'll get that PM picked up.