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Unlocking iPhone

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Unlocking iPhone

I was considering taking out a SIM-only deal with Plusnet.  However, I have been told by a Plusnet advisor that Plusnet do not offer an unlocking service should my iPhone lock on to their network.  I was told that if this were to happen I would have to contact Apple to get it unlocked, but  Apple won't (can't?) do this (


My iPhone should not lock as I bought it direct from Apple and it should be permanently unlocked, but I just can't take the risk as I would end up with a very expensive brick.

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Re: Unlocking iPhone

Talking from previous experience, Apple phones are always unlocked when purchased from Apple shop.

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Re: Unlocking iPhone

Hi there, I'm just speaking from my own personal experience here. I too have bought my iPhone directly from Apple and I've not found it to lock itself to a network.

For example, I was with O2 for a number of years before moving to Plusnet. I was able to switch the SIM without any problems.

During the transition of the number port I also was able to move back to the O2 SIM and the iPhone accepted this.

I hope this helps you
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Re: Unlocking iPhone

Hi Wammer,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. It's correct that we don't offer an unlocking service so if you did require your iPhone to be unlocked to any network, you would need to speak to Apple regarding this.

When you purchase a handset from Apple itself, the majority (if not all) handsets are unlocked to any network however, once you input your first SIM card, the handset will tend to lock to the first network of the SIM you input into the phone. 

I understand you're hesitant to try this in the instance it may lock to the network however, this is a process within the product itself that Apple have implemented into their handsets; not a software feature that the networks have in-bedded into the SIM cards causing them to lock. 

Hope this helps!

- Rebeka Smiley

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Re: Unlocking iPhone

Well Wammer was well advised based on my experience today!! My iPhone SE was bought from Carphone warehouse in April 16. Cannot recall but may have used initially with EE. Then with giffgaff. Don't recall unlocking it though. Today I ported to plusnet which appears to have locked my phone. Getting SIM not supported message. Sim works fine with ported number in 3 other iPhones. How has this happened?Huh
Plusnet say they cannot help as they don't lock or unlock. Giffgaff don't either. Apple suggested full restore with new sim in phone - still getting same message.
Any advice or ideas welcome!!!!