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Unblockable spam text

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Unblockable spam text

I thought I solved this issue a while ago, but It started up again. I signed up for JETS to help me with finding employment, it didn't end out working for me so I told them the course wasn't for me, and I wanted no further sessions, the problem was they didn't listen, I kept getting unavoidable messages I couldn't block and they don't have a number attached. I finally managed to complain enough and they finally stopped sending messages, but it started up again, and I still can't block them, does anyone know what I can do?


Also as a side note I contacted my mobile manufacturer (Samsung) and there was nothing they could do to help me. 

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Re: Unblockable spam text


As well as blocking texts by the phone number (which isn't possible in this case), it's possible to block those that contain a definable phrase or string of letters such as the name of the company or product.