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Unable to close my account due to number blocked

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Unable to close my account due to number blocked


I am trying to close my mobile-only Plusnet account but it seems more problematic than I thought.

I am moving abroad and don't need a UK number anymore. I don't have a fixed contract, only a monthly standing order which I supposedly can stop any time with no hidden charges. I suspended the direct debit and Plusnet blocked my number. Upon finding this I reached out via mail multiple times until I got a reply saying that if I don't pay they'll charge me £10 for late payments. So I payed my monthly subscription but the number is still blocked, a week later. They say that with a blocked number you can still call 500 but it is not true. I can't reach out via phone and even when somebody replies via email they let the conversation drop or bounce me from customer representative to customer representative and there is never a follow up on how to close my account and avoid charges. I have now paid for a full month of internet+calls+text and are unable to use any of this nor able to contact Customer Service to close down my account.  I understand that a leaving customer is not as valuable as a regular customer, but this lack of interest is appalling. This forum is my last hope. 

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Re: Unable to close my account due to number blocked

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Re: Unable to close my account due to number blocked

Hi @DD1,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm afraid that we're unable to cancel accounts via our Community Forums or Social Media support channels. Regarding the account, if you wish to cancel it before moving abroad then strongest recommendation would be to call our Mobile Support Team directly on 0800 079 1133, between the hours of 8AM-8PM. The process of cancelling the account is much easier to do whilst in the UK, rather than from abroad, due to various factors such as differing timezones and international call charges. If you have already moved abroad, or do not have time to cancel over the phone before you're scheduled to move abroad, I would recommend sending an email to regarding this matter. 

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 Alex H
 Plusnet Help Team