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Unable to access both my mobile or webmail accounts

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Unable to access both my mobile or webmail accounts

For nearly two months I have been unable to access any of my or my wife’s plusnet accounts. Dispite trying to reset password numerous times it keeps failing. I have contacted support and spoke to operator but they were unable to help, they passed my complaint to someone else who was supposed to come back within 10 working days but this has not happened. They are very quick to take money from me but not so quick with their suppory
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Re: Unable to access both my mobile or webmail accounts

Hi privert4587,

I am so sorry to hear this Sad We do pride ourselves in our excellent Customer Service, but its always good to get feedback on the occassions we have not quite hit the mark so we can raise this with the right department!

Please send me a DM with regards to accessing your mobile account, we will go through some troubleshooting and get you up and running Smiley

With regards to the webmail account, this would need to be raised with the broadband team for investigation as we have no access to their systems or customer info! If you raise this on one of the broadband forums, one of their advisors will pick it up to help you out!


 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team