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Trying to change Direct Debit - you keep suspending service

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Trying to change Direct Debit - you keep suspending service

Dear PlusNet,

I've been with your Internet service since Feb.2003 and, satisfied with 15 years of pretty good service,  recently moved most of our family onto your Mobile service.  Three accounts, for wife and 2 teenagers, were set up and have been running for a few months now, all well and good.

Then last weekend my wife decided to move her bank account.

She called you to move the direct debit to the new account, spoke to the agent, all seemed good.  Done.

Her PlusNet Mobile DD date is 2nd of the month so being well clear of the last and next payment she then logged in online to the old bank account and cancelled the old direct debit.  BIG MISTAKE

Monday she received a message that her account had been suspended.  She called you, held for the mandatory 10+ mintes and spoke to an agent who sorted it out.

A couple of hours later, her account was suspended again.  She called you again, held for the mandatory waiting time, spoke to another agent who sorted it out again.

By the evening, her account had been suspended again.  She called a third time, held for even longer (for it was the busy evening period) and spoke to a third agent who claimed to have sorted it out.

This morning, her account had been suspended again.

This account has been fully paid in advance by direct debit and is no way in arrears or even over usage.  You are technically in breach of contract.

This is really not good, she's utterly fed up with calling you, holding, then finding a few hours later that her phone has no service.  She is making noises about cancelling and moving back to GiffGaff.  Please sort it out.  You have the bank account details, you've been given them 4 times now.  Just stop suspending the account.





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Re: Trying to change Direct Debit - you keep suspending service

I know it's not helpful in your current situation, but when you switch bank accounts (I did a couple of days ago to an Online only bank) you can transfer everything over, direct debits, standing orders, payments in etc.  So what would have happened then is Plusnet sends the DD request to the old bank, who then forward it to the new bank (who pay it), the new bank then let Plusnet know the new bank details and it should in theory be painless.


If something went wrong, say a DD bounced and you got hit with a £15 charge, the switch guarantee means the new bank would be liable and would pay the £15 fee (and interest and such).  It takes 7 working days and takes out all the hassle.  So if your wife still has DD's she needs transferring, it would be worth going to the new bank and using the switching feature to move your bank account across.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Trying to change Direct Debit - you keep suspending service

Hi edrandall,

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us, it's much appreciated. 

When a Direct Debit is cancelled, the system automatically recognises this and suspends the outgoing services; I can assure you that this is not a manual process that we perform on the account. 

If we try to continuously set up the Direct Debit and it fails, it won't necessarily mean that our system is cancelling this out, the bank itself may recognise this as possible fraud and prevent the Direct Debit from becoming active. 

Another possibility could be that the new Direct Debit details are duplicates to that on another account that you have. The bank again may believe this to be duplicate Direct Debit payments for one account and not two separate payments; especially if the monthly line rental is the same amount on each account. 

On rare occasions such as this, we would email you a Direct Debit mandate form and advise to take this to the bank to have the Direct Debit set up directly with them. 

If you could send me a Private Message with your details, I can get this arranged for you. 

- Rebeka