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Trying to cancel

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Trying to cancel

Have phoned customer services twice today trying to cancel my mobile service only to be told to phone after five pm today due to the system not being updated then how come Ive received a sim card  this really is not acceptable service my reasons for cancellation are firstly my sim card has not activated and after looking on forum at people having problems porting old number  


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Re: Trying to cancel


Hi @robbiecollie

I'm sorry to hear the inconvenience regarding the cancellation of your SIM card. If you could send me a private message with your account details, I'll certainly look into this further and I'll do all I can to help. -Ashleigh

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Re: Trying to cancel

Hi @Anonymous, I have a similar problem. I need to cancel my mobile service too. Can you help me? I tried to go in the private messages area in my profile to send you a private message, but I receive an error: "Access Denied - You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."

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Re: Trying to cancel


I think you need to make your first post before you can send a PM (which you've now done) so you can try again.