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Trying to cancel since Oct 2016

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Trying to cancel since Oct 2016

Please help me. I've been trying to cancel my contract since Oct 2016. This is a mobile phone out of contract. Although I have made several calls since telling me they were looking at my account and promises in the last 6 weeks that it was resolved, I find today that they have again taken another payment.
Upon my call I was advised there's no problem,

"I can submit a request for cancellation right now without and penalty"

I kind of hope the operative was just trying to make light out of my situation, However clear that they had no power to assist me with anything else.
I have spoken again today to customer services and a duty manager, to be told again,

"No request has been submitted for my account to be closed".

I'm flabbergasted that such a simple task be be so extensive. For the second time now I need to wait for a call back within 48 hours for a decision on my request. I have advised Plusnet of my intention to take this matter to CISAS and await an impartial decision. I have all of the records of all calls made and Plusnet have these on file and confirm they are able to see them all except one!! The 1st call I made. Take that aside it's still now 7 monthly payments taken from my bank.
All I want is for the account to be cancelled and my monies returned.
Not a huge request.
Poor effort Plusnet.
Anyone else had a similar issue?
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Re: Trying to cancel since Oct 2016

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Re: Trying to cancel since Oct 2016

Considering they didn't launch until November 29th 2016 I'm pretty certain that it's only going to be you.


Edit: That's maybe two and half months max, not seven.

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Re: Trying to cancel since Oct 2016

He is probably referring to a service he had before the Plusnet takeover.

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