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Transferring my number

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Transferring my number

I need to transfer my number from Plusnet for work reasons. Rather than close the account i want to transfer my sons mobile number to my Plusnet account. I have been told that this isn't possible because as soon as i transfer my number the account will be closed - is this correct? Thanks

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Re: Transferring my number

@JL8682 Welcome to the forum.

Cant you just transfer your phone number to the new operator and let your account with Plusnet close. Having done that open a new Plusnet  account and transfer your son's number to that?

Are you overcomplicating and confusing the issue by trying to do this in one operation? 


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Transferring my number


That's correct, as soon as your number is transferred out your account will close. I'd suggest as @Baldrick1 has and just transfer out your number, allow the account to close and then just set up a new one for your son. 



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