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Transfer partners plusnet mobile number to my account

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Transfer partners plusnet mobile number to my account

Hello... I've just taken out on plusnet broadband contract and switched my own plusnet mobile contract to the mates rates contract.

My partner is also on plusnet mobile, but on a different account.

The issue is, I can't use a PAC code to transfer her number to my account and I was told by CS that she'd have to get a new number which we don't want to do.

Is there a way around this? Surely we can do an internal number transfer from her account to mine without the PAC code? Maybe I could have her account transferred into my name and then merge the accounts?

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Re: Transfer partners plusnet mobile number to my account

Hi there,

I'm afraid its not possible to move a Plusnet mobile number from one Plusnet account to another Plusnet account as it's due to the way our system works and in attempting to do this, the porting process will 'break' and the number would likely be lost.

We also can't 'merge' two mobile accounts or change the account holder's name.

Unfortunately if you're wanting your partner's number in your name, you'd need to port it out to another provider then port it back in on a new Plusnet mobile account. Apologies that this isn't straightforward. 😕

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Re: Transfer partners plusnet mobile number to my account


As far as I am aware, you can't use a pac within the same supplier anywhere (although across mvno's is fine)


BUT SP's usually can do it manually - effectively just moving you to the xxx deal


The only other alternative to a new number is chancing the PN port mechanism and its reported issues twice as @Gandalf has suggested if the SP is unable or unwilling to simply put you on the deal manually.


Using PN's port mechanism once, let alone twice in quick succession is something to be concerned about IMO.



and lets face it, if an SP expects you to jump through hoops to get your custom ......

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