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Total Shutdown of SIM

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Total Shutdown of SIM

I like others have suddenly and unexpectedly had a shutdown of the Plusnet Mobile Network - now I know you guys are winding up but COME ON - I need this for work, verification, insurance banking etc. Please can you rectify this ASAP as I cannot phone you obviously if you suddenly pull the network plug. This is so annoying! I'm in my home and it has worked here for as long as I remember and other sims work in my phone.

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Re: Total Shutdown of SIM

At least with mobile SIMs it is easy enough to port your number to another provider, although first check coverage here.

The closing down of Plusnet mobile will be nothing compared to the disruption expected with the imminent shutdown of the landline telephone network, starting from this coming Friday 5th September 2023, to be completed by December 2025.

Plusnet seem unprepared, without having in place a digital VoIP alternative for all their existing landline phone customers who will either potentially lose their number, or will have to migrate to another supplier and buy new adaptors and/or handsets to be able to carry on using a house phone, but take a risk of losing their broadband account and/or their Plusnet email, if the customer doesn't understand EXACTLY which steps to take - for which there is no official guidance from Plusnet !  ☹️


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Total Shutdown of SIM

Hi there, can you send over a PM with your full name and mobile number please so I can help out? - Adam

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