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Time to cancel my rolling contract

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Time to cancel my rolling contract

I recently took out a rolling 30 day contract I no longer need.


My 3 contracts have both ended last month and I found an existing customer offer with them that will allow me to merge all my contract allowances.


Originally I had:


- 200 mins and 8 Gb a month with 3 after they cancelled one plans, upgraded to AYCE data / 30 Gb hotspot after 12 months - £23 pm


- 24 months 20 Gb mobile broadband due to the initial 8 Gb not being enough - £19.50 pm


- 500 mins & 2 Gb data with plusnet - £5 pm as 600 mins upgrade on 3 was also £5 pm.


And now Im merging all of these into a 3 existing customer tariff with AYCE minutes and texts, and 30 Gb internet for just £16 pm, which will save me £31.50 pm!!!


I dont need AYCE data, or the new 100 Gb data tariff on 3 as all I needed was the 30 Gb hotspot, and all I use data on my phone for is maps if I need to go anywhere I havnt been before, and I just needed quite a bit more than 200 mins, though I'd have been all over the new 100 Gb tariff if it allowed all of that limit for tethering.


Basically all the way back when 3 cancelled one plans, I got screwed so I've been paying loads for data and more minutes since then. Cant wait to cancel it all tomorrow, or technically later today when all the phone lines open.



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Re: Time to cancel my rolling contract