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This is the worst online experience I have had in some time

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This is the worst online experience I have had in some time

Why must I make a different account to log in to the forums than to my main account?  With different password and username requirements?  What [-Removed-] is in charge of this nonsense?  Feel free to pass this feedback onto your CIO or whatever [-Removed-] thinks he's in charge of this [-Censored-].

I just want to enable adult access on to my account.  Should be simple, yes?  No, of course not.  A checkbox in my account settings perhaps?  No, why have something so obvious and simple?  

Want to register?  Sorry, you'll have to jump through countless hoops just to create an account to ask a fricking question.  Half an hour of my life I'm not getting back.

And why must that grinning fat mess greet me on every page that's telling me to get lost?  The last thing I want to see when something goes wrong is that grinning tool.  At least get someone that's not an utter halfwit to stand there with his rams outstretched begging for forgiveness at another mess-up.

The only thing you people get right is the price.  I understand now why that is.  You should all be utterly ashamed.

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Re: This is the worst online experience I have had in some time

Forum accounts aren’t linked to mobile or broadband accounts because they’re handled by a different system, also the community forums are public which means you don’t need a mobile or broadband account to sign up. If a forum account used a mobile/broadband account then this would likely stop non-customers from joining the forums for help or advice before they buy. 

Back in the day I think pre-2016 forum accounts were linked directly to broadband accounts which meant it was a private’ forum but the move to the new forum software ‘Khoros’ changed that and made it public.

Regarding the content filter try messaging @plusnethelp on Twitter if you don’t want to call 500 from your Plusnet mobile sim card 

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Re: This is the worst online experience I have had in some time

Thanks for your post @ghoyle

If you can drop me a PM with the below details I'll be happy to change your content lock settings for you

+Your mobile number

+Your full name

+Your full address

+Are you the account holder?

+Your date of birth

+Last 2 digits of your bank account number

+Last 2 digits of your bank sort code

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