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Text messages about roaming.

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Text messages about roaming.

Getting a little fed up now. I have had three text messages today telling me about roaming and my phone plan after the 15th June.

Why three messages? One should be enough.

I don't have any desire to visit, which the messages are telling me to do in order to get more details!

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Re: Text messages about roaming.

Yep had 3 myself this morning.

And there's no option/way to manage marketing preferences from the mobile account portal.



Why is it everything related to managing mobile accounts requires contacting CS. That's a massive fail as far as I'm concerned!

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Re: Text messages about roaming.

Hi guys, 

We're currently aware of multiple messages being sent to customers in regards to Roam Like At Home. I apologise for any inconvenience and it's something we're working on. 

We appreciate your feedback, as this only allows us to improve. If you have any points you'd like to raise in regards to My Account etc, please feel free to send them across to our Community thread ( and we'll ensure it's looked into. 

In the mean-time, we can certainly edit your marketing preferences from our side - so please don't hesitate to get in touch via private message! -Ashleigh 

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Re: Text messages about roaming.

Perhaps you received mine as I haven't seen any Smiley