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Text Message Delays

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Text Message Delays

I had a strange and annoying experience last week which I stress has nothing to to with PN!

My phone is used mostly for receiving two part security codes and all of a sudden they stopped being received which made life difficult. 

I got friends to text me and it turned out that messages from O2 were not coming through although they were fine from everyone else. I phoned my finance organisation who said they subcontracted automated calls to Amazon!

O2 expressed little interest. 

Having spent a day on the internet I gave up. Several days later I got 20 messages all at once from Interactive Investor, O2 friends and a hospital appointment! The phone is a Samsung Galaxy A20e Android 11.

As we become more reliant, with no choice, on modern technology we have to have reliability for basic communication.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to what has happened as I really need a Plan B if it happens again?