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Tethering with an Alcatel Pixi 3

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Re: Tethering with an Alcatel Pixi 3

Thanks Sayit for bringing this topic back to life, I completely forgot about it.


To quote what MisterW just posted:

Sometimes adding the 'dun' option to the APN type will work. If not then use the 2nd option in colin_maybe's link above. I.e the settings put global tether_dun_required 0


I can confirm this works on an Alcatel Pixi3 and also on a ZTE Blade A110, both unrooted phones. Thank you. :coolsmiley:

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Re: Tethering with an Alcatel Pixi 3

DUN and done! Such a simple answer thank you!

@Sayit happy that the simple option worked.:smiley: TBH I've not had great success with that option, it usually needs the 'settings' fix. I must admit,  I tried the DUN option on my new phone recently and it didn't work, I had to do the settings fix.

Why couldn't plusnet tell me that on the phone...

I can't really answer that, I would have expected them to be able to suggest the DUN option:rolleyes: I wouldn't have expected them to suggest the settings option as that is Android specific and does require USB debugging.

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Re: Tethering with an Alcatel Pixi 3

To save a bit of searching for anyone who needs this the original post by chrisl300 (who posted the original link and deserves the thanks) is here:


The link to the instructions (which Chris replicates in hs post) are here:


The links to the quick install ADB shell for PC needed (a lot simpler than it sounds) are here: