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Tethering not working

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Tethering not working

I've just moved across to Plusnet having first checked that tethering was allowed but now discovered the not uncommon problem (having seen some other posts below) of it not working. I've never had problems before tethering a phone to my tablet using other phones/Sims/providers. But when I connect my tablet to the hotspot I see "Connected, no internet".


I searched through the other similar posts and got as far as checking that ",dun" is included under "APN type" on my phone. But I'm not too technically gifted and don't understand USB debugging plus I don't have access to a PC I can install new software on.


My question is this: does anyone know of a tethering app that fixes this? One that doesn't require root (whatever that might be?).


Thanks Simon.

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Re: Tethering not working

I have same problem after just moving to plusnet from EE- never had a problem before but do now, I think switch back to EE now - wish I had not bothered.