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Technical problems - things that needn't happen

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Registered: ‎25-10-2018

Technical problems - things that needn't happen

I've just joined Plusnet, both ineternet (which is in the process of changing) and mobile, which I talking about below.


I have had a few problems along the way with technical issues, but really these things should not happen.  I wanted to feed this back via email so the service can be improved in future (this is my time I am giving up here - over 90 minutes so far) but there is no email contact address!

Here are some points I want to raise:

  1. The website cookie settings screen is very ambiguous.  Is it on by default or not?  Is on when the text is highlighted blue or when the text is revealed UNDER the switch like on a physical appliance?  I can't imagine 'OFF' would be the default like it appears to be. This should be clearer.  It also says thank you for updating your settings, but it doesn't confirm WHAT has been done.
  2. I downloaded the Plusnet app, but the password I first created when setting up an account (saved to an excel spreadsheet) was not accepted so I had to click the reset password link.  The button flashed but I was not able to move past that screen.  I deleted the app and tried again.  Again I had to reset the password, but this time the button worked, I was moved to a confirmation screen and I got the email.  When I got the email and clicked the link, I was not able to paste in the new password (it's long and awkward to type as it is very secure).  Fair enough this will be for security reasons.  The password was not accepted despite several tries.  It is the right length, has caps and lowercase, and a special character.  I rang Plusnet, but the (helpful) lady was not able to find the cause.  It was only when I realised '&' is not listed as a special character that I could see what was wrong.  However, the password would not show as words only dots so I was blind to IF I had made a typo, and although I was wrong about the '&' it should have pointed that out.  It also shortened the password length which didn't tell me anything when it rejected it.  I was just left feeling baffled, frustrated and annoyed.
  3. Sometimes Plusnet will accept a pasted in password and sometimes not (see above point).  Why?  I understand security should stop pasting it in, but at least be consistent!  Also I believe there was one place where I was able to SEE what I had typed into the password box, but not at the crucial time when I needed confirmation of what I had typed in the above point when resetting my password.
  4. I tried to port over my old mobile number (from Tesco mobile) using the PAC code they gave me.  I used the text service you offer, but the PAC code was rejected.  I then rang instead.  Your email told me that if I port a number over before 6pm it will transfer the next day.  When I did it over the phone today around 11am on a Thursday, the guy said it wouldn't transfer until MONDAY!
  5. No email address on your website.  In this particular instance this is annoying as I wanted to feedback these technical problems and I know that no one I call is going to feedback what I tell them are they!  I very much doubt the recorded call will ever make a difference either
  6. As I can't email, I thought maybe I could use the online chat to get an email address.  I had only just come off the phone from Plusnet so I thought maybe I would do that rather than call again.  Except the online chat would not work.  I turned off my adblocker for the site, still no good.  I updated the 'functional' cookies as instructed, still no good.  So I am left with having to set up a new account here.  That was a pain in the ass in itself as I have to create ANOTHER login name and password (I have an excel spreadsheet of more than 500 accounts because of c**p like this!).

So far I am impressed by:

  1. The email updates
  2. I now have a much better signal on my phone at home than when I was with Tesco Mobile (O2 network).
  3. Staff over the phone have been very helpful and courteous
  4. Friendly feel to your services and marketing campaign

However these technical issues need to be ironed out, it's a real pain in the neck having to jump through silly hoops to get something working.  And not being able to feed that back properly to the RIGHT person is adding insult to injury.