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Suspended Service although bill was paid.

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Suspended Service although bill was paid.

Hey guys.


Was supposed to contact CS today but haven't had the time. I have two lines on my account and one has been suspended (my own number). The bill was paid on 08/09/17, which I admit was a late payment. The account was suspended 2 days ago and I'm unsure as to why. Could anybody on here help?

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Re: Suspended Service although bill was paid.

Hi PeterG88!

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

If you could send me a Private Message, I can certainly take a look into this for you however, I would advise to edit your post due to the information that has been used (account reference) -  we wouldn't want anyone other than yourself, obtaining this information! 

- Rebeka Smiley


 Rebeka Preston
 Plusnet Help Team