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Stop payments, keep number.

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Stop payments, keep number.

I am leaving UK for summer, I have 1month contract. (9gb, sms and calls unlimited)
The thing is i need this number, but I dont need GB/SMS,CALLS.
How can I cancel my payments, but keep my number?
Maybe it’s avalable to change my plan to standart tarifs plan?
Or maybe I can change to cheaper plan.

Thank you.
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Re: Stop payments, keep number.

You can't I don't think. If you are travelling in the EU why don't you just take the phone with you.

If you are going further you will either have to keep paying or port the number to a PAYG Sim with another supplier. This will cancel the PlusNet contract - when you come back you could port it back if you wanted.
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Re: Stop payments, keep number.


If you port your number to Giffgaff with a £10 voucher you can operate this on a Paygo basis and all that you need to do is make a call every 6 months, they send you an email when you get close to remind you to make the call or data connection to avoid losing the number.

I keep one of these SIMs in a MiFi modem so that I can immediately activae it with a Goodybag if I'm away where there's no broadband or lose my Plusnet connection because of a breakdown.

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