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Stolen Mobile - Need to Block IMEI Number

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Stolen Mobile - Need to Block IMEI Number


I've reported a lost (stolen) mobile to Plusnet who were able to block Sim card for outgoing services.

I also want to block the IMEI number (blacklist the device so no-one can use it).  Plusnet told me they cannot do this as they did not supply the phone - surely this is not right?

I bought the phone from John Lewis but they have no way to block the device and don't even know whether I still own the phone - it seems clear that only Plusnet can do this as they have the evidence that the phone was being used on their network.

Can anyone help answer this?



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Re: Stolen Mobile - Need to Block IMEI Number

PN dodging their responsibilities;
f your handset is lost or stolen, in order to prevent unauthorised use there is a procedure to have the phone Blocked.

To Block a handset your phone handset IMEI number needs to be passed over to your network.

Your handset IMEI number will then be placed on a register - a blacklist database - of lost or stolen handsets.

While your handset IMEI number is on this register, or database, the handset is rendered useless.

The register, or database, is often referred to as the Equipment Identity Register, or alternatively the IMEI DB - International Mobile Equipment Identity Data Base

Any phone listed on this register, or database, cannot subsequently be registered on a different Network, or used on the Network that you were using.