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Still being billed after transfer out

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Still being billed after transfer out

Hi there,

I've been trying to contact the accounts department with no joy. I left Plusnet mobile a few months ago, I have paid the final bill but I am still recieving bills.

Interestingly, checking my Experian credit report I can see the account is listed as 'settled and closed', also my direct debit has been cancelled, so why haven't your systems fully closed down the account?

Would appreciate if someone could contact me to resolve this.


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Re: Still being billed after transfer out

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Re: Still being billed after transfer out

Hello @turbotippy, thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the ongoing bills post cancellation. Could you PM me your account reference, Plusnet number, full name, full address with postcode so I can look into the account for you.

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Re: Still being billed after transfer out

Same issue here, canceled with the customer service team some months back, canceled the direct debit and not heard a thing, then today my partner gets a call about the account. After some faffing with logins we see I am STILL being billed. NOT GOOD PLUS NET. It's only a tenner a month but that's not the point.


I have tried to call you to resolve but after waiting on hold and wasting more of my time i gave up. You're the ones chasing me for money I don't owe you after all.


If you want to speak re the contract please get in touch with my partner as if you look at my mobile account it's not been used for months and the SIM has been binned.


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Still being billed after transfer out

@Laura_M83 Sorry to hear this.

Can you PM me your full address along with the postcode so we can investigate further?

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