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Static Indoor Repeater / Signal booster (availability of)

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Static Indoor Repeater / Signal booster (availability of)


I get an extremely poor reception inside my 1 bedroom flat.

I noticed that Ofcom advise the availability of static indoor repeaters to help this situation

As per the information on the above link, they suggest approaching the mobile operator.

Do Plusnet provide repeaters to customers?

If so can you advise how I can procure one? I imagine I am not the first person in the UK to encounter this issue, so if anyone else has any advice then it would be appreciated.



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Re: Static Indoor Repeater / Signal booster (availability of)

I guess that if you've got pots of money you could go for an EE compatible one from here

Alternatively you could just go to EE for your mobile and use their Wifi calling service for nothing (assuming of course you have landline based internet in your property). The 3 network have a similar system that works perfectly for me. 

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Static Indoor Repeater / Signal booster (availability of)

Hi @thespringfield, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing signal issues, however this is not something we offer at the moment I'm afraid.

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