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Sporadic calls and texts

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Sporadic calls and texts

I have had a serious problem with my mobile for months now which p net are well aware of.

I am missing so many calls, the caller tells me it just drops out  instead of connecting.

I have dozens of friends screenshots, showing they have repeatedly tried to ring me, maybe 5 times in 30 mins, and the call was not put through. I also have the same screenshots to verify that no calls came to my phone. These were all sent into p net as requested yet still nothing has ben sorted. It can happen at any time of day, and with different friends trying to call me.

I have swapped phones, done factory resets, had a new sim and it is still doing it.

Some call get through, some dont.

The callers are from either down the road, to about 100 miles away, it makes no difference.

I have missed very important calls from the health authority, and my husband after his stroke, when he was desperate to ring me but the call was not put through. I have lost much needed hospital appts because they cant contact me.

Pnet seem very apathetic and although they have apologised, they have not offered a workable solution. I have been a customer for many years, both our phones are with them, as is our and landline.

Aeroplane mode is not on, or do not disturb, its not on silent or anything obvious.....its very hit and miss and despite me preferring to stay with p net, I can see me leaving, and taking the other phone, b band and landline with me when I go, as I feel if a large company like p net cant be bothered to try harder, they dont deserve my custom

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Re: Sporadic calls and texts

Hi @fedupdotcomm 

I'm really sorry to see you're having a lot of issues with your signal and of your husband's poor health. I do hope he's already recovering or on his way to. If you haven't had the mobile issue sorted yet, drop me a private message with the following details and we’ll be happy to take a look. This information will pass our data protection checks.

+Your mobile number

+Your full name

+Your full address

+Are you the account holder?

+Your date of birth

+Last 2 digits of your bank account number

+Last 2 digits of your bank sort code

When private messaging me, please include a link to this thread as our staff private messages go through a centralised system internally so I might not actually personally message you back. Although just a few of us monitor our Community Forums so there’s a good chance I’ll pick it up.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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