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Sound drop outs during call

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Sound drop outs during call

Having problems with calls recently, sound drops out from my side and caller can’t hear me for 10-20 secs and then the sound comes back. Is happening quite frequently and sometimes disconnects completely. Signal strength is good and 3 or 4G. Trying to work out if it’s a problem with a) the network or b) the phone? It’s very frustrating as you don’t know if the other caller can hear you.

I have also noticed a strange tone before I hear the ringing tone, it’s two beeps similar to a bluetooth connecting sound.

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Re: Sound drop outs during call

I remember I had something like this, with a different network. Have you tried a different phone?

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Re: Sound drop outs during call

Hi @djrob

If this has been a recent problem and not ongoing since you joined plusnet mobile it might just be an issue in your area at the moment. You can check that out here - - or if you'd prefer you can always drop me a Private Message and I can take a look into this for you. Smiley 

To find out if this is a handset issue I would advise trying the SIM card in a different handset and testing if the issue continues, if it does you'll know it's a SIM or Network error. 

Hope this helps and if you have any further questions please feel free to drop me a PM. Smiley