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Smart Cap Limits - £0.00?

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Registered: 26-05-2017

Smart Cap Limits - £0.00?

Has anyone had any success getting a £0.00 limit placed for smartcap?


CS just said the lowest they can go is £2.00 (in line with terms etc). It's a shame they'd refuse this as, personally, I'll simply move away from PN if the smartcap is ever reached to a company willing to prevent spends outside of plan (as many do). I actually like to have control over the total cost, you know. Even if it is £2.00 Wink


Re: Smart Cap Limits - £0.00?

Morning @pepsimax2k

Thanks for getting in touch! None of our contracts will have a Smart Cap set to zero. In line with our T&C's, the minimum your Smart Cap can be set to is £2 and the maximum is £30. We find our Smart Cap is a useful feature which gives you complete peace of mind and total control over your bill. It’s how we guarantee that you’ll never pay more than you expected to, which means no high charges or nasty bills. 

Prior to reaching your Smart Cap, we'll make you aware once you're 80% and 100% through your allowances. My Account is also a great option we offer, which enables you to keep track of your daily usage, along with our bundle notifications which we've recently introduced. This will allows us to send you an SMS either daily or weekly with your remaining usage. If you'd like this activated, just let us know and we'll do the rest! -Ashleigh