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Smart Cap - Data not restored in new billing period

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Smart Cap - Data not restored in new billing period

Last month, we hit the data usage smart cap on one of our SIMs, so data was switched off as expected. We then expected the data allowance to be restored the day that our next monthly allowance started - but we were unable to use data until 2 days after that date! CS told me that this is because the allowance does not get restored until the last month's bill has been produced, which is a couple of days into the new month's allowance period, and that is "just the way the system works".



That is totally unacceptable. PN insist on imposing a smart cap on our account, and then they deprive us of a couple of days of data usage during the next month when we hit the smart cap. That is simply unfair and wrong. The data should be switched back on immediately on the day the new month's billing period starts. Smart cap? Dumb cap, more like!


As you may be able to tell, I'm quite angry about this. The SIM in question is used by my grandson, and this stupid system design deprived him of being able to use his data for his college work. I'd sooner not have to have a smart cap at all, so that he learns to budget his allowance. But it is totally wrong to deprive him of data usage once he is into a new billing period.


PN, please sort this out! Otherwise, I think he'll be asking me to switch him back to Giffgaff.





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Re: Smart Cap - Data not restored in new billing period

Hi @fishyweb, thank you for reaching out to us!


I'm really sorry to hear about your experience with your Smart Cap.


It definitely isn't designed in a way which would deprive you of using data!


It sounds to me like something isn't going quite as planned on your account.


I'd really like to get to the bottom of this for you and ensure it doesn't happen again! Please send me a Private Message on here, or contact us on Social Media so we can look into this for you!


Thank you