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Sim not activated after 4 days.

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Sim not activated after 4 days.

My sim is still not activated after 4 days. Why? I ordered 2 virgin sims same day, they arrived same day as the plusnet one. They have been activated and have had the pac code for the old numbers i wanted to keep within 2 days. This is not good plusnet. Ive called twice to be told it will be done within 24hours. First impression of plusnet is not good. If it isnt activated by Saturday i will be cancelling and my other 2 plusnet sims and moving to virgin.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Sim not activated after 4 days.

Hello @Stormtrooper1,


Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to see this has been your experience in the short time you have been with us. So I can check this for you, would you be able to PM me your full address with postcode, full name, account reference (should be in the sign up email).