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Signal strength

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Signal strength



Long story short, current property is very good signal ‘4>5 bars’

Moving into a new property soon which is 5 mins walk down the road I get ‘no signal > 2 bars’ this happens both outside as well as indoors.


Looked on both EE and Plusnet map coverage, it’s marked as high/very high

The setup I have with Plusnet on usage vs cost for the service is great, I don’t want to have to switch if possible.


Who would I need to contact in possibly getting this looked at, I’m hoping my new place is not in a dead spot.


Would I need to contact EE to check the area ? or possibly get one of their signal boosters running off the WiFi (would that even work on Plusnet ?)




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Re: Signal strength

Hi erad!

I'm sorry to hear that the signal in your new property isn't great Sad

Unfortunately, both our and EE's signal checkers are an estimate for outdoor coverage in the general postcode area, not a guaranteed coverage in your property. Results are also based on computer prediction and are therefore not error free.

Signal can be effected by a number of factors such as building materials, tree cover and weather conditions and how many other people are using the network too.

With this in mind, it sounds as though one of these factors could be causing the drop in signal at your new property.

We do not provide booster boxes, and cannot guarantee functionality with an EE one. Having said this, however, some customers have had success with this in the past, so always worth a try if you want Smiley

Further to this, there could be an issue on the network at the new property, causing the signal drop. To check this, you can pop in your postcode over at

If there is anything I can do to assist further, please send me a PM so I can access your account Smiley


 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Signal strength

Hi LivRobinson,


The checkservice gave me 'no known problems'.

I've tried scanning around for a good signal (walking around the area) but once I've hit the main road (6 houses away) the signal improved. I must be in a dead zone, the properties are in an 'L' shaped layout with an open greenery patch at the front.

Yet to meet/ask the neighbours if they've had any issues and the network they are on.

If the problem is coverage, frustratingly I will have to change to another carrier.

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Re: Signal strength

This may help put your post code and they use the dropdown to find address.

Problem may be if it's a new house may not be there

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Re: Signal strength



Thank you for the coverage link, it does indicate an issue with EE network on all address around the area of the property.

Looks like i'll be switching carriers at some point Sad more hassle

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Re: Signal strength

I can see why that is annoying.

When you get to know the neighbours, try and ask them if they have the same problem. Or if you have people over on the same network see if they have the same issue.

I know of someone who had poor Three reception and a signal booster sorted it. Not saying it will for you, but it is worth considering if you can pick one up cheaply.

If you do want to change providers, I personally would get a PAYG SIM onto the network you want to move to, put £10 as a test credit and see what the coverage is like. As you don't want to sign a contract and find it is no better.

You'll need to check if your phone is locked, and if it is get it unlocked. You'll need to try another SIM and if it doesn't work contact EE. Generally on PAYG it is £20 and on contract it may be free. Though the networks don't rush to process these things (I've had to wait a week in the past).

So basically:

Consider a signal booster.

Ask people around the area.

Buy a test SIM for new network - if the phone refuses it nag EE to get your phone unlocked.

If you're happy with the new network and want to keep your number then PAC it across and go PAYG or contract.

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Re: Signal strength

Hi Alex,


Mobile is unlocked, sorted this before switching from EE to Plusnet.

I'll inquire with EE about the use of a booster but doubt they'll allow it, as their site indicates a requirement of being on a monthly payment plan on their network, even though Plusnet is piggybacking off it.

My folks are on the same network (Plusnet) got them to switch over as package is great for their needs (low usage and low cost), they noticed the same issue when visiting the affected property.

Testing different networks using PAYG is great idea, something I'll defiantly look into.