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Samsung S8 MMS Settings

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Samsung S8 MMS Settings


I have searched previous threads looking for guidance, to find none. Historically you were able to ask your provider to send specific settings to your mobile, is anyone aware if this is still the case? I tried asking the operator at Plusnet to send mms settings to my wife's samsung as she is unable to receive MMS messages, we were simply sent an email with instructions that related to an outdated version of the android os.

Or can anyone advise of the settings required to receive MMS?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Samsung S8 MMS Settings

Hi 24803202,

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us, it's much appreciated.

We wouldn't be able to send out direct MMS settings to the SIM card however, it does sound like you would need to alter the APN settings within the handset.

I would advise to delete any previous/current APN settings, input and save the following:

1. Tap the Menu button.

2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Wireless and networks or More... (depending on your version of Android).
4. Tap Mobile Networks.
5. Tap Access point names.
6. Tap the Menu button.
7. Tap New APN.
8. Enter the following data into the onscreen form, without changing any other settings:

Name - EE Internet

APN - everywhere
Username - eesecure
Password -secure
MMSC - http://mms/
MMS Proxy -
MMS Port - 8080
Authentication type - PAP
APN type - If given a choice, select internet+mms, if the keyboard appears enter *

9. Tap the Menu button.
10. Tap Save.
11. Enable the newly-added APN by ensuring the line is ticked, or the radio button is lit bytapping on it.
12. Check the notification bar for 4G, H, 3G, E or G with up and down arrows beside it, which will indicate your connection is working.

I would also advise to delete any previous/current stored network profiles that differ from EE/Plusnet. 

- Rebeka