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STILL no service in the Alpujarras Spain

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STILL no service in the Alpujarras Spain

No phone or data services here in the Alpujarras, Spain (18430, ES) where, in the past, the service has been good. Two Plusnet phones not working. Tried all the usual suggestions - no change.Plenty of signal on other providers - I can see Orange SP, Vodafone ES and Movistar, and get full signal on my Movistar sim in my Plusnet/Movistar dual SIM phone.Clearly a problem with Plusnet judging by all the other posts on this and similar issues - can I assume that we will be refunded charges for the period Plusnet is unable to provide the contracted service?

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Re: STILL no service in the Alpujarras Spain

I don’t have any service in Nerja whereas normally it great
Plusnet is only good if it can provide what it promises and at the moment that doesn’t include roaming
It will be bye bye plusnet