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SIM not provisioned for voice

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SIM not provisioned for voice


I recently switched over from Three to Plusnet. Yesterday was my switching over day to port my number and my old sim stopped working, so I put the Plusnet one in. It was showing bars of signal but saying sim not provisioned for voice. I called Plusnet they said wait till midnight. So I called this morning again to say it's the same thing.

They said something weird about three potentially locking my phone but this is untrue. I have tried the Plusnet SIM in three different phones now all unlocked with the same result. I am very annoyed I thought this was a company that was meant to have good and accurate customer service.

They are sending out a replacement SIM to see if that is the issue. Is there anything from a technical pov you guys can help with? The lady on the phone didn't know what else to try...

I've been resetting the phone every few hours but still issue not solved. When people call me it goes to voice mail usually.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: SIM not provisioned for voice

Hello @Granit2143

Thanks for reaching out to us here. 

I'm sorry to read you've had some trouble with your port and I apologise for the frustration caused. 

From what you've described the same troubleshooting process would have been taken here, if the issue is still present after the new replacement sim arrives please drop me a PM with the following information: 


- Your full name and confirmation you are the account holder

- Your full address with postcode

- Your Plunset mobile number

- Your date of birth 

- The last two digits of your sort code and account number used to make payments