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SIM cards for Children

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SIM cards for Children


I have a Plusnet Mobile SIM and I'm interested in getting SIM's for my Children but I have a few questions if I may:

a) Do PN offer a family bundle where you can share data etc or do PN offer discounts for additional SIMs?

b) Is there a way for me to manage the kids SIM's so they don't hammer the data allowance etc?

c) Would the SIM's be in the children's names? Is so, can I still pay for these via Direct Debit from my bank account?

Thanks in advance...




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Re: SIM cards for Children

To answer your questions in turn.

A) no family bundle is offered and no discounts for multiple SIMs
B) Only by managing the limit on the device. You can also set a smart cap so when the data is used you don't get charged any more.
C) They are in your name, on your account. I believe you can have 4 SIMS on one account and hence DD.