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SIM Registration Failure

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SIM Registration Failure

Had asked to port number on 20/12 and had been using phone with new SIM. Yesterday afternoon (when I was advised that porting nearly gone through) I had no signal so turned phone off and on.  Now it comes up each time with registration failure. I have phoned the helpline twice and had different answers but basically I'll have to wait for an unknown period. I currently need a mobile for work purposes as it gives me emergency back up in case of problems, it's a useful bit of equipment that's how I see it and I've been let down. As porting seems to be at the root of the problem has anyone tried going back to the number assigned to the SIM? I'd rather have a service with a new number than nothing.

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Re: SIM Registration Failure

Possibly linked to the following rather than a porting issue (it seems to be geographical rather than everyone):


Edit: one of the mods added the following EE link which works for us since we're using their network: