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SIM Card not compatible

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SIM Card not compatible

Hi Plus Net Team


My phone is telling me that my SIM Card is not compatible with my phone all of a sudden.

It is an old Blackberry Z30 phone but it works and I don't really want to change it.

Is this a problem with the SIM or is my phone now too old to receive 4G?

I'm getting GSM or 3G Voice Only and no data service unless I'm on a WiFi network.

My number is [Removed]

I have had the SIM a couple of years now



Chris Brandon

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Re: SIM Card not compatible

Hi Chris, thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see you're having issues getting data from your SIM card. If you've been able to use it fine in your phone until now, I'd expect it should still work. Do you have another phone handset you can put the SIM in to test?

If you can also send me a private message with your mobile number, full name and full address I'll be happy to look into this further for you from our side (After I've asked a few additional questions to pass our data protection process)

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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