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Ruined credit rating concerned after reading all posts

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Ruined credit rating concerned after reading all posts

I last contacted Plusnet 9 days ago now as I failed my API for a mortgage and after checking on Experian noticed that I have an outstanding balance of £21 since SIX YEARS AGO. I contact Plusnet wondering what this is as I have never had a contract with them and after finding my details they realised this is an old mobile contract passed onto them from what I am assuming Phones4u that was closed and they failed to tell me I had a remaining fee of £21 to pay. Six years pass and the 'fee' without being notified has been sent to a debt collectors and they can't tell me who it's with, they have just assured they will get back to me. I just want to get this wiped from my credit score now however seeing everyone else's comments on here I am getting extremely concerned this will not be solved. I have already spoken with Ofcom who has advised I chase this but what more can I do!?
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Re: Ruined credit rating concerned after reading all posts

Thanks for your post @Paigesmorr and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to see you've got a failed payment on your credit report.

Generally this can happen if a direct debit's cancelled and a payment's missed or you don't tell us you'd want to cancel the account so we end up having to cancel it automatically through failed payment. Either way you should have receive payment reminders by email and/or text at the time.

Having said that, it'd be difficult to see definitively here though what's happened due to how long ago it has been. If you signed up in 2015 through Phones4U, this would've been on Life Mobile as we took over their services in 2016.

If you can drop me a PM with the following details, we can likely arrange to the failed payment showing as Plusnet to be written off your credit report but the debt may still be live elsewhere with a collections agency.

+Your mobile number
+Your full name
+Your full address
+Are you the account holder?
+Your date of birth
+Last 2 digits of your bank account number
+Last 2 digits of your bank sort code
Once you've PM'd me, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 
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Re: Ruined credit rating concerned after reading all posts

It should come off the credit report after six years anyway.  Have Plusnet been reporting it again and again, in order to keep it from aging out.  Pretty naughty if they are.