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Roaming service while in UK

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Roaming service while in UK

I have been with Plusnet mobile for the past few months. I live in Cornwall and find that my service is occasionally identified as 'Roaming'.
I am using a Oneplus2 and have never experienced this before with any other network.
The signal at my home is usually pretty weak at the best of times, but I am definitely not abroad.

I, of course, ensure that data roaming is off to avoid unnecessary charges.. but it does seem peculiar - also, I'd rather avoid picking up roaming charges for calls and texts in the event it decides I'm on holiday while making a call...

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it a known occurence for Plusnet? If so, is there a potential fix?
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Re: Roaming service while in UK

It's been known to occur around Dover on all networks (I think), the phone can pick up a signal from across the channel. Whether that's possible from Cornwall I'm not sure.

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Re: Roaming service while in UK

I've never seen it on EE or Plusnet but when I used to have a 3 sim card in my OnePlus one I saw "R" appear one day in the Lake District.

I like you had data roaming off, but was careful not to make any calls or texts just in case it was charged at a higher rate.
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Re: Roaming service while in UK

A friend of mine used to visit Northern Ireland, close to the border with Southern Ireland.

He was on O2 and his phone frequently connected to a mast over the border resulting in roaming charges.

It was always difficult to convince O2 that he had never ever visited Southern Ireland.

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Re: Roaming service while in UK

Hi 52613299!

Thanks for getting in touch with us! 

As Cornwall is within the UK, this is certainly not classed as roaming. I did double check our roaming guide to ensure that the countries where in the correct roaming band and it appears that they are. 

A suggestion would be to manual search for networks and ensure that you're on the Plusnet or EE network, delete any previous profiles on the handset and edit your settings so your handset doesn't search for a separate network and try to connect if it loses signal with its current network.

I'm afraid I cannot offer any technical support with the handset however, upon a quick Google search, the following number is for the tech team for your handset manufacturer to help with this: 01252 236307.

If you could send me a private message, I can also turn international and roaming access off on your account, if it isn't already and this will ensure that you don't incur any charges. If you do plan to go on holiday and wish to roam in the future, you can always contact us and we'll switch that back on for you!

- Rebeka 

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Re: Roaming service while in UK

I often receive a text - welcome to France and then a bit later on Welcome to the UK - this is with Virgin who also use EE

This happens when I am in a reception blackspot on the Dorset coast but it can pick up a signal from France or perhaps Guernsey

The distances aren't much different to the south of Cornwall

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Re: Roaming service while in UK

Great information thanks
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Re: Roaming service while in UK


Yep, I used to get that too when on holiday in Broadchurch, whoops I mean West BaySmiley, and on the 3 network where I could only get 3G at the foot of the cliffs from the local network but was picking up a 4G network from France. I think its weather dependent though as the next day the network could not be found.