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Roaming not working

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Registered: 11-06-2017

Roaming not working

Can you please in the US and I'm not able to connect to any providers. I have made an advance payment just now but still no chance of connecting. Phone worked fine til this pm now nothing.

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Registered: 11-06-2017

Re: Roaming not working

I'm the same.
In Croatia, can connect to a network but no data. My wife (on another UK network) connects to the same local network no problem.
Contacted plusnet support via twitter; roaming was enabled on my account, balance in credit.

Basically got told there's nothing they can do. Problem must be at my end.

Searching true forums here, lots of people have the same issue in a number of countries.

I travel for work, and if I can't trust Plusnet not to leave me stranded with no calls/connectivity, I'll have to go back to my old provider.
Three network had no problems at all.