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Roaming changes ?

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Roaming changes ?

Hi , please can you advise how any changes to your “roam like at home when in Europe policy”  will be publicised when you do actually amend them and start charging for them ? 
I frequently travel to Europe and would hate to be over there thinking I had free usage when I had not ? 

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Re: Roaming changes ?

I can’t say how we’ll let everybody know if or when we no longer offer our Roam like at Home plan, but for peace of mind, feel free to call us or private message me at @Gandalf or contact us on Twitter/Facebook before you go away and we’ll be happy to check for you. 

As far as I’m aware when I checked with the relevant team last, we’ve no plans to discontinue the plan, but that may change though I can’t confirm either way until if or when we’ve made it clear through more official means. 

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