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Replacement SIM card request

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Replacement SIM card request

(Or could someone take a look at my account to see if I have mobile network issues on my account?)


Due to some recent issues receiving calls on iPhone I was wondering if I could request a replacement SIM card for my iPhone SE2020. The issue has persisted across two iPhones so I believe I am having network issues, not hardware. I’m hoping a new SIM - keeping the same number - will fix things. Unless anyone has an idea what the problem is.

My specific issue is that sometimes incoming calls do not show up on my iPhone(happens on iPhone 6 and SE2020, same SIM). Despite notifications being turned on, my iPhone being on loud, and appearing to have at least 2 bars of signals, some phonecalls do not appear either as incoming calls or in my “recent/missed call” list. I’ll only know they tried to call me if they leave a voicemail — despite my iPhone showing no incoming or missed call, I’ll get the voicemail notification a few minutes later.

Anyone have any ideas? Do you think this is something that could be caused by a dodgy SIM/fixed by a replacement? I’d love any suggestions or advice.

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Re: Replacement SIM card request

Thanks for your post @Tu 

If you can drop me a PM with the following info I'll be happy to take a look at this for you Smiley

+Your mobile number
+Your full name
+Your full address
+Are you the account holder?
+Your date of birth
+Last 2 digits of your bank account number
+Last 2 digits of your bank sort code
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