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Refund of credit on mobile account

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Refund of credit on mobile account

I have a amount of credit (small) that I am trying to get refunded. I have contacted PN via online chat today, however this was a waste of my time as the person on the other end kept informing me that the balance of account was £0, even though I could quite clearly see there was a credit. do I go about getting that credited back to me in the easiest way possible.

Thanks in advance

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Refund of credit on mobile account

Hi SySimple,

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us, it's much appreciated!

When you cancel an account with us and pay your final bill, we may then credit the account depending on the billing cycle. In some instances, this credit may be a pro-rata calculation of line rental applied to the account after a number ports out from us to another network. If there's a balance after porting out, this reflects the amount of unused days left of the last billing cycle.. In this instance, you wouldn't be eligible for a refund, as 30 days notice of cancellation weren't completed as per the agreed terms and conditions, so this remaining balance effectively covers the 30 days notice period that wasn't placed.

If the positive balance on the mobile account is because of a gesture of good will previously applied, the line rental credit will have been only for the account's use, and doesn't have monetary value. If there's a balance reflecting this after the account closes, then this positive balance is cleared. 

A refund would, however, be returned if a customer has paid more in a previous payment or payments before the account closes. This of course would be returned automatically through the bank previously used to pay us via Direct Debit.

- Rebeka