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Receiving Voicemail notification but can't listen to or delete message

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Receiving Voicemail notification but can't listen to or delete message

I first joined Plusnet a couple of years ago. Within 48 hrs of connection I called customer service to deactivate voicemail. Whilst waiting for this to take place a voicemail must have been left by a caller.  Ever since then I have occasionally received voicemail notifications informing me I have a message. I have been unable to access it because the service is deactivated, so I have ignored these notifications.

Strangely today I have received 10+ notifications in the space of an hour so finally decided to call 500 to sort it out.

Been advised that voicemail needs to be reactivated and I should then access my voicemail and delete the offending message. Despite voicemail being reactivated I've tried dialing voicemail & hear a recorded message saying I have NO new messages.

I can record a greeting (option 2).....make personalisations (option 3) but I am unable to access any old messages on there.

I don't want to record a greeting because my intention is to deactivate again once this is sorted. Option 3 takes me to modifying pin & managing pin authentication which isnt what i want to do either. 

I just want to delete the message that I'm receiving notifications for....So how do I access this message to delete it & put a stop to these notifications before I go mad?!

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Re: Receiving Voicemail notification but can't listen to or delete message

The following refers to inaccessible LAND LINE voice messages - the scenario (and the solution) might be similar / relevant...

If you have a stuttered dial tone, but no 1571 voice mail message waiting, it is likely that a caller has hung up after the call has connected, but before the message recording has started.

These steps will remove the interrupted dial tone:

  1. Call your number and leave a message when prompted
  2. Dial 1571 and delete the message

Replace stuttered dial tone / 1571 with whatever is the relevant code / action for a mobile.

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