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Receiving Text Messages whilst in USA

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Receiving Text Messages whilst in USA

I will shortly be spending a month in the USA

I plan to buy a local SIM to avoid heavy data and call charges

However I need to receive text messages on my UK mobile number in order to satisfy various secured services (e.g. banks) who use 2 -step verification via text messages.on my UK mobile

Thus my questions are :

1) will I be able to receive such text messages from the UK on my UK SIM (I have a 2 SIM phone) ?

2) Will I be charged to receive them ?

3) Will the sender receive a supplementary bill ?

Thank you for any help

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Re: Receiving Text Messages whilst in USA

@Lonty I was going to point you at the mobile price guide but looking at it its not clear about charges for receiving SMS texts.

However I believe this thread confirmed that receiving SMS texts is free.

You should be able to receive SMS texts on your UK sim when in the USA and the sender will not be charged any more than their normal charge for sending a text to a UK number.

NB make sure your disable mobile data and auto retrieval of MMS on your UK sim though!! Otherwise you could see some eye-watering roaming charges.

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Re: Receiving Text Messages whilst in USA

Thank you. Now I understand more.