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Public ip for incoming data?

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Public ip for incoming data?

I guess the title describes it really.. but if i use PN mobile for a mobile router, is there any chance of a public IP address so that it can accept incoming connections?

It seems utterly bonkers how all the 4G networks don't allow any incoming connections / public IP given the speeds they offer - and with 5G heading our way and 6G already in development it's odd that incoming / public ip is frowned upon.

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Re: Public ip for incoming data?

Not with PN mobile, or most other standard mobile providers. They mainly all use CGNAT to allocate ip addresses and as you have discovered you do not get a public ip. There are specialist providers who will provide a true public ip e.g but they aren't cheap!

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Re: Public ip for incoming data?

There are three ways to get a public IP address for a mobile router that I'm aware of:

  1. use a commercial service that provides a fixed IP address for 4G - these are expensive, and many have data caps
  2. use Three with the "3internet" APN - that gives you a public IP dynamic address, so is usable with a dynDNS service. Unlimited data SIMs are available for £20-£25pm depending on the deal you can find
  3. use a VPN or L2TP tunnel which will give you static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses - that can be used with any ISP or 4G provider so you can move to wherever the best deal is (or be mobile). I use AAISP's L2TP service for £10pm (which being AASIP does just what it says) but others are available.

Some effort is required to set any of these up, but it can be well worth it.