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Prices, content and terms may change...

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Prices, content and terms may change...

I'm considering switching one of my offspring over from GiffGaff to the current £5 triple-data special offer

1.5Gb / 500mins/ 1000txts compares pretty well against the £5 GiffGaff offering (100Mb / 150mins / 500txts)

Now the only catch I can see is in the small print:
Prices, content and terms may change at any time during your contract. We'll tell you about important changes in advance, and if a change is detrimental you'll be able to end your contract without any fees.

My question is: How often do they actually do this?  Has anyone experience of one of these special deals being reduced back down to the standard level? If I sign up tomorrow, how long am I likely to stay on this deal?

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Re: Prices, content and terms may change...


Hi edrandall,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The reason this is in the terms and conditions is due to the rare circumstance that the prices or plans change. It is very uncommon for this to happen, and if it did we would let you know enough in advance so we can either offer you a better deal or you can cancel charge-free!

The reality is, that once you are on a specified plan, even once this plan is no longer available, you will stay on this plan until you decide otherwise. It is extremely unlikely that you will have your plan or price changed at all during your time with us Smiley

Let me know if you have any further questions!


 Liv Robinson
 Plusnet Help Team