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Price increase

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Price increase

According to the email cpi is 0.7%. Plusnet is increasing it’s price by 4.6%. 

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Re: Price increase


 That’s correct, the increase is 3.9% plus CPI. See

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Re: Price increase

Yes that's my take on it.  0.7% to cover inflation plus 3.9% just as extra income for themselves. When I raised the issue before, their answer was that they can do pretty much what they want on a month-by-month contract, as we are free to leave whenever we like.

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Re: Price increase

I must agree with the sentiment of the above post.

At the moment I'm not too far off another highly rated provider.

With the annual priced rise I will likely rise above the competitor price, and, the competitor says :

LIFETIME PRICE GUARANTEE  -  You’ll keep the same monthly price on your monthly bundle when your contract ends

Which may just make me think again. Unless PN can be competitive when my contract ends.

Let's be careful out there !