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Postpone number porting for a month?

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Postpone number porting for a month?


I'm currently with Giffgaff and there are a few niggles but I find it generally ok.

I'm thinking of trying out Plusnet as they are offering a tempting package to existing Plusnet Internet customers.

My query is, can I subscribe to Plusnet Mobile, stick the SIM in a spare phone to trial it for a month, then If I am happy with the Plusnet service port my existing Giffgaff number to Plusnet? Or do I have to port my number at the time of subscribing ?

If I'm not happy with the Plusnet Mobile service then just cancel after a month and not bother with number porting?


Many Thanks

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Re: Postpone number porting for a month?


You can port a number at any time, when you ask for a PAC they have a 30 day expiry limit. If you don't use it within 30 days then the contract will continue and you'll have to ask for another PAC.


Don't forget that you will be paying for two contracts until you either port the number or cancel one of them.


PN use the EE network if it's coverage you're wondering about.