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Porting number from 02 did not work for messages.

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Registered: ‎09-11-2020

Porting number from 02 did not work for messages.

I recently purchased a third SIM only contract and arrange porting from my partner's 02 account to new new SIM.. Porting was success for CALLS ONLY and the messaging app will only receive text messages which have been sent to the ORIGINAL SIM number. Any test received to the 02 PORTED NUMBER fails to receive. This situation does not exist with the other two SIM cards I have with you. Please find below some technical background:


Phone model = Moto e6 plus - Android 9

'about phone' shows ORIGINAL SIM number and cannot be changed by me.

'messaging app' has it's own phone number entry which changes back to ORIGINAL SIM number on re-boot


I would be most grateful if someone could comment and please indicate the process by which I could send a 'private message' should I be requested to do so - as this is my first post on the forum.


Many thanks