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Porting number OFF Plusnet after leaving?

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Porting number OFF Plusnet after leaving?

I'm not currently on Plusnet Mobile, but with all the C-Virus rigmarole I'm considering taking atleast 2-3 months of service.


What I want to know is that when/if I decide to move on to another provider do I need to ask for my PAC code before my service with Plusnet expires (ie do I lose my ability to port the number somewhere else after service expires?).


p.s. I know PAC codes are valid for 30 days but on the off chance I forget to ask for the PAC code before leaving have I lost the number?





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Re: Porting number OFF Plusnet after leaving?

A PAC code is used to terminate your contract with PlusNet and move the number to another provider.  You have to have a live PlusNet service to be issued with a PAC code and port to another provider (i.e. the PlusNet service still needs to be active in order for the port to work).

I would avoid telling PlusNet you want to cancel as you could well end up with a terminated service (and hence a lost number) - just let the PAC process do it's thing.